Why Fugees?

1 in 4 IN THE U.S.

public school population will be an English language learner by 2025.

For a young refugee or immigrant new to the English language and American way of life, an excellent education paired with a sense of belonging can change their future.

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92% graduation rate

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100% college acceptance rate

The time to improve refugee and immigrant education in the U.S. is now. With a 15-year track record of working with refugee students in school settings, Fugees Family is the only network of U.S. schools dedicated to refugee education.


How do we advance educational justice and level the playing field?

Our schools are built for and by refugees and immigrants, and our laser focus on a population that is too often invisible has allowed us to  develop and refine a successful modelРcentering our students and their families in our approach to education.

Celebrating identity and culture

Soccer as the core component

Emphasis on the arts

Strict and nurturing environment

Comprehensive support of families