We are the only network of schools in the US dedicated to refugees and immigrants. 


For refugees and immigrants fleeing violence or precarity, rebuilding their lives in a new home country may be the most difficult journey of all. In a land of opportunity, refugee children deserve the chance to build a better future for themselves and their families. 

 Fugees Family delivers a new vision for these children: playing soccer with international classmates, attending school in an immersive and culturally sensitive environment, reading and writing and speaking English, planning for high school graduation and college, and succeeding in their new home country.

Our students come from across the globe: 

Representing more than 27 countries, students across our campuses exceed the national average for growth in both math and reading. 

 At Fugees Academy, 100% of graduates receive acceptance into college or an apprenticeship. 

 At our flagship Atlanta academy, we’ve been refining our approach to newcomer education since 2007. Our schools operate year-round, keeping students engaged in closing the educational gap while allowing them opportunities that facilitate exploration, play, and building a strong sense of self.

 The Fugees model repeatedly demonstrates student achievement growth rates above the national average, and is now a national movement advancing educational justice for refugee and immigrant youth. 

 Currently, only around 10% of teachers in the US are qualified to instruct English learner (EL) students. With our innovative partnership model, Fugees is reimagining the ways US educators connect with students often left behind by the traditional education system. Teranga Academy is a robust, replicable, and successful school model with campuses in Kentucky and Ohio, expanding nationwide.

Our Atlanta campus serves as the main innovation hub for refining curriculum, allowing educators to participate in online and onsite training in the Fugees education model that will result in an approved certification from an accredited institution.


These simulated and hands-on trainings will fill a void in the education sector, as none are currently offered by other teacher training programs.