Our results

When students believe in themselves, they achieve incredible things.

“This school makes me feel like if I try, I will be able to get better at something that is hard for me.”

Teranga Academy student who came to the U.S. with no formal school experience

The Fugees Family model, implemented as Teranga Academy at partnered school districts, is a newcomer model that works.

Our students are achieving remarkable academic growth, while at the same time growing in their confidence and ability to effectively speak English with their peers and community.

“[Teranga is] all the right pieces put together – it’s giving them really what they need to be able to take off and flourish. We need students to know that when they come to school, we’re serious about learning. That it’s gonna take hard work, but we’re with them and they can do it.”

Kristi Costellow
Principal, Teranga Academy Bowling Green

Our data speaks for itself.

In the 2022-2023 school year, Teranga Academy students achieved…