Reimagining Schools

Our approach is based on on 15 years of direct experience working with refugee students in a school setting and from the input and thought leadership of dozens of refugee and immigrant educators. Our model has been developed and meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of ELL students.

At our Atlanta academy we have reimagined schools for ELL students. The Fugees model, centered in soccer, has offered specialized education for refugees and immigrants since 2007 and repeatedly demonstrates student achievement growth rates above the national average. Our model has resulted in a 92% graduation rate and 100% college acceptance rate. Our schools operate year-round, keeping students engaged in closing the educational gap while allowing them opportunities that facilitate exploration, play, and building a strong sense of self.

With Project Teranga, our innovative partnership model, Fugees is reimagining the ways U.S. educators reach students disproportionately left behind. Part of this experience includes students seeing themselves reflected in their teachers and other school leaders by our commitment to ensuring diversity among staff. Fugees’ model is validated, transforming what began as a parking lot soccer game into a robust, replicable, and successful school.

Our original Fugees Academy will continue to serve as innovation hubs, allowing us to create, experiment, and produce “flight simulators” for educators nationwide to experience and participate in teacher training like never before.

Holistic English Acquisition

Students build a strong foundation in English Language Arts and Mathematics by dedicating 2-hours of study time daily to each subject. Music and arts supplement lesson plans by providing an outlet for self-expression.

Athletics for all

Daily yoga, martial arts, and soccer practices provide students a place to connect and forges a team mentality crucial to feelings of belonging, responsibility, and success.

Year-Round Programming

Programming through all four seasons, we ensure that our school calendar provides newcomer students ample time to make up for learning loss, hone their language skills, hit the soccer pitch, celebrate their cultures, and focus on play. Students start the day with their House homeroom team and end the day at our after school program with their soccer team.