Afghan Response

In August 2021, the United States withdrew from Afghanistan, prompting tens of thousands of Afghans to flee the country. Many of these are school aged children.

Children who have experienced war and displacement like those arriving from Afghanistan suffer from very recent trauma that can often lead to feeling isolated and afraid in the American K-12 school system. We can and we must do right by these children. It starts with education.

Our efforts to scale the Fugees-model to school districts with newcomer centers beginning in 2022 is already underway, and the Afghanistan crisis presents a clear and present need for dozens of communities across the U.S. that will very soon experience an unprecedented influx of new Afghan arrivals.

Fugees is ready to heed the call from districts and can help complement the vital work of resettlement agencies to successfully welcome Afghan students and families into their new schools by assigning them a Fugees Corps member and providing them with tailored academic resources, lessons, and training. We are inviting school districts who are expecting at least 40 new Afghan students to enter their schools to partner with us for the 2021-2022 school year.

Fugees graudation with flags of different countries in the foreground

Fugees Corps

Drawing from Fugees’ own Afghan-American alumni and extended network, Fugees Corps members will become an integral part of the school based team in each district, exclusively dedicated to the success of new Afghan students.

They are trained in:

  • Refugee centric, trauma-informed approaches to academic and mental health concerns
  • Delivery of afterschool programming like soccer and STEAM
  • Building community connections and acting as a liaison between resettlement agencies and organizations, schools, and families
Afghani family on graduation. From the left, two men in a suit and sunglasses, the father in a navy suit, the son in ceremonial graduation gear, the mother wearing a head scarf, and a young woman in a dress.

Refugee Education 101

At Fugees, our team of educators are subject-matter experts and thought leaders in a field essentially created by Fugees Family– refugee centered education. Together, our team will provide consultations and coaching for school leaders and teachers including:

  • Access to Fugees’ library of refugee centered education solutions, strategies, and resources
  • Virtual office hours and responsive help desk support
  • Site visits and direct services from Fugees’ team of experts
  • Professional Development Opportunities that include:
    • Introductions to Afghanistan (culture, language, politics, and people)
    • Creating safe and inclusive classrooms
    • Culturally sensitive and trauma-informed instruction
    • Holistic English Language Acquisition
    • Successful strategies for family and community engagement