Our Approach

Refugees and immigrants

are the fastest growing population in American public schools

In 2016, 35.7% of resettled refugees were under 14 years old and an additional 13.9% were ages 14-20. That’s nearly 50% of an incoming population relying heavily on the American education system to give them hope of a better future.

These students are the next generation of the American workforce and they deserve a quality education.

Reimagining Schools

Of 5 million enrolled ELL students in the American education system, 14.2% achieved language proficiency in 2017-2018 school year. Many report feeling like they don’t belong. We have a vision where all schools celebrate and welcome newcomers like they’re family. 

Retraining Teachers

Currently, only 10% of US teachers are qualified to instruct ELL students. We believe all educators should be equipped with the tools to work with students new to the English language.
Fugees Corps task force member  Rooh reading with Fugees Family kids

Refugee Response

Welcoming refugees is about more than providing shelter and food. It is about helping children find a sense of belonging and safety so they can grow into their vast potential. It is about living up to the American ideals of welcoming those yearning to breathe free. We canand we mustdo right by these children and families.