Our Approach

We’re reimagining schools for newcomers.

In the 2022-2023 school year, Teranga Academy students achieved 290% of typical growth in math and 287% of typical growth in reading on state benchmarks. 

In their first year at Teranga, 92% and 77% of students are already achieving growth on state benchmarks in math and reading, respectively.

How do we do it?

Holistic English acquisition – Rather than a subject taught in isolation, English is acquired holistically via structured language lessons, classroom content, and school-wide immersion. 

Emphasis on art and movement –  Music, art, yoga and martial arts are not “extras” for Fugees – they’re a core part of our model both because they are important in educating the whole child and because of their benefits for English language learners and individuals who have experienced trauma.

Four young students sitting on a bench looking at a book on the student's lap

Healing-centered and trauma-informed approach – Our healing-centered approach prioritizes individualized support, stable relationships, and a high degree of structured routine to promote predictability, safety, and bonding between peers and with teachers. 

Strict and nurturing environment – The best way to support students is to expect their best – and to be honest about areas for growth. 

Four young students sitting on a bench looking at a book on the student's lap
A selfie of a teacher surrounded by smiling students covered in colors for the Holi holiday

Celebrating Identity and culture – We honor students’ identities and cultures while introducing them to American education systems. every culture is honored and celebrated as they come together to work towards shared goals on the soccer field and in the classroom.

Intentional Family Engagement – Families are as important to the Fugees community as their students. 

Fugees Family Graduates 2023
Studnets in Fugees soccer gear outside with their hands in a circle with their coach preparing for a game

Soccer for all – All students participate in daily soccer practice and play games on the weekend, and the soccer metaphor is woven into all aspects of the school experience. The goal is not to develop professional athletes, but rather to provide a safe, nurturing space for refugee and immigrant students. 

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