Fugees Family is advancing educational justice for refugee and immigrant youth.

Fugees Family is at the forefront of advancing educational justice for refugee and immigrant youth in America. Since 2006, we’ve dedicated over 18 years to providing tailored education to students new to American culture and life. Our unique education model is based on the Comprehensive Student Development framework, addressing the specific needs of English language learners and young people who have endured trauma and displacement. We believe in the untapped potential of America’s fastest-growing student population and are committed to unlocking their success with an outstanding education.

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Meet Our Founder

Luma Mufleh, a trailblazer in refugee and English Language Learner (ELL) education, is a Syrian/Jordanian entrepreneur and coach. Her journey began unexpectedly in 2004 with a serendipitous encounter during a pick-up soccer game in Atlanta, where she met a group of young refugees adapting to life in America. This experience ignited her passion for supporting refugee education and led to the founding of Fugees Family.

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Meet Our Team

At Fugees Family, our team is passionately dedicated to enhancing the education of English Language Learners and warmly welcoming America’s newest students. United by our PRIDE values, we strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment for every student we serve.

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Join Our Team

Are you seeking more than just a paycheck? Fugees Family offers a career where you can join a group of passionate individuals committed to transforming educational systems and addressing inequity. If you’re ready to make a difference, we’re looking for you.