Advancing educational justice for refugee and immigrant youth.

By 2025, one quarter of America’s public school population will be English language learners, coming from refugee and immigrant backgrounds. Together, we can disrupt refugee education as usual. Help ensure America’s newest students receive an excellent education, designed with their unique strengths at the core, all year round.


It’s more than providing shelter and food. It’s about living up to our own American ideal of welcoming those that are yearning to breathe free. It begins with education.


Nationwide, refugee children are 5x more likely to be out of school than their non-refugee peers. Obstacles like language barriers, cultural differences, and bullying add to the pressures these students face.


Current systems have no set policies, practices, or requirements for how municipal, state, and/or federal education of English Language Learners should be handled. Built for and by refugees, Fugees Family knows this needs to change. Our model is designed to meet the specific needs of American refugee and immigrant youth navigating an entirely new reality.


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Over 200 students representing over 27 countries

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80% of students meeting or exceeding projected growth targets

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100% of graduates accepted in 4-year college with opportunities for intensive apprenticeships


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100% of your donation goes towards leveling the playing field.

Fugees Family is advancing educational justice for refugee and immigrant youth through rigorous year-round academics and athletics for all.


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“We have seen advances in every aspect of our lives — except our humanity.”

–Luma Mufleh, founder of the first accredited school for refugees in the United States.

Watch her TED Talk above, “Don’t feel sorry for refugees–believe in them” which went viral in 2017 and to date (2021) has over 1.7 million views.

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Fugees Family

Fugees Family

Advancing educational justice for refugee and immigrant youth.

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"I grew up with a mom who didn’t speak English perfectly...I feel like that’s a gift. I can connect to children because I remember the feelings they’re going through, and how it forms a person." - June, Teranga Academy Teacher💚 At Fugees, we know that being an English learner isn't a disadvantage - it's something to be proud of.🌟 Together, we can build the future our students deserve - one where being a newcomer is something to celebrate. Donate today to help us build the future our students deserve: buff.ly/3N4Jg93 ... See MoreSee Less
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